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1965Born Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.
1989BA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.
PresentLives and works in Beijing, China and Houston, Texas USA.


This section provides listings of select solo and group exhibitions featuring works by Weihong. Entries
include rewards, exhibitions catalogues and brochures, as well as related articles and reviews by date
of publication.


2013Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China. TeaChronos, interactive art installation and performance
(curated by Chen Qingqing), August 3, 2:00 - 4:00pm.

2012Alliance Gallery, Houston, Teateria, interactive art installation (curated by Matthew Lennon),
December 13, 2012 - January 20, 2013.
Molly Glentzer, "Time for tea with Weihong", Houston Chronicle, (Dec. 30).
Joel Luks, "Tea for two: Artists put an American spin on Chinese-inspired social time", culturmap, (Dec. 15).

Tribal Aboriginal, Oaxaca, Mexico, Te Para 2, interactive art performance
(curated by Mafalda Budib), March 6 - 21.

2011DoubleTree by Hilton and Xie Xin Group, Chongqing, China, Auspicious Clouds,
permanent public installation, completed October 1.

2010TPP Art Project, Art Basil Miami, FL. 255 - 0 + Zen, interactive art performance, in part of Texas
Positivism Project in Miami, December 3 - 6.

2008Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China Savor & View, September 28 - October 20. Exh. Cat.
"Savor View", 73 pages, 23 art works illustrations. Essay by Tang Jing

Art and Culture Museum, Lescar, France, Tea 4 - 2, June 24 - July 17.

2007Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, 255 - 0 + Tea, a 28 day interactive art installation,
July 14 - August 11.

Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, 6 - 36 - 360, a 3-day interactive art performance
and installation,
June 8 - 9.

Ogle Gallery, Portland, OR., 255 - 0 + Tea, a 24 day interactive art installation,
February 1 - 24.
Brian Libby, "Warming art heats up chilly month", The Oregonian, (Feb. 1), p. E5.
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2006Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan, 255 - 0 + Tea, a site-specific and interactive art installation
(curated by Daniela Morera), February 23 - March 26.
Francesca Pini, "Tea digital ceremony", Corrriere Della Sera (Milan), (Feb. 23-Mar. 1), p. 96.
“255-0+Tea”, Zoom On Fashion Trends (Italy), Exhibition/Art, no. 34 (Jan.)
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no. 39 (Mar. 24).
Arhhivi per: 2006, week 8, 255-0+Tea, 22.02.06 23:46:21/fotografia.
“At Galleria Carla Sozzani”, posted by Contessanally, Monday, March 6.

2005Peel Gallery, Houston, A Space with Foam, interior installation, November 11.
Molly Glentzer, "A new spot for wearable art", Houston Chronicle, (Nov. 19), p. E8.
Jill Singer, "New+Notable", ID Magazine (NYC), Jan./Feb. 2006.
Kyle Johnson, "Peel Gallery", 002 Magazine, (Houston), vol. 8 (Jan. 2006), p. 24.

2004Redbud Gallery, Houston, Weihong: 255-0+GuZheng, May 8 - 31. Exh. Brochure,
essay by Cynthia Freeland.

2003Yak Gallery, Dali, China, Weihong: 255-0+Tea, a 20-day interactive art installation.
October 2 - 22. Exh. Brochure, introduction by Catherine D. Anspon.
Zhao Zhijian, "Tea with Weihong in Dali", Dali Ribao, CN 53-0011, no. 63-37 (Oct. 14), p. 3.

2002Positive/Negative Space Gallery, Houston, Weihong: 255-0+Tea, a 36-day
interactive art installation
. June 28 - August 2.
Fernando Castro R., "Tea with Weihong", ArtLies (Houston), no. 36 (fall), p.93.
Best of Houston, "Best Tea Time", Houston Press, vol. 14, no. 39 (Sep. 26-Oct. 2).
Dyan Otto Krider, "The Dao of Tea", Houston Press, vol.14, no. 27 (July 4-10), p.30,

2001Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Weihong: Golden Dragon Diary, A Site-Specific
Interactive Installation, August 24 - October 6. Exh. Brochure, essay by Peter J.

2000Joan Wich & Co. Gallery, Houston, Weihong: Site-Specific Painting/Performance,
Video, Prints
, October 21 - December 2.

Neumann Library, Houston University, Clear lake, Texas, Weihong: Ch'i-Line 2, a public
site-specific art installation (part of the ArtWired International, juried by MANUAL),
March 3 - May 3.
Matt Lichter, "ArtWired exhibits digital creations", UHCLDIAN (Texas), vol. XXVIII, no. 3
(March 6), p. 5.

1998Takara Gallery, Houston, Weihong: New Paintings, January 16 - Februray 13.
Wang Qi, "Weihong", Southern Chinese Daily News (Houston), January 27.

Haiqing Art Center, Tsingtao, China, Weihong: I Ching, International Artist's Open
Studio Show as a recipient of the Shanghai Art Foundation grant (curated by Wang
Nanming), March 2 - May 23.
Wang Nanming, "The Inner Language", International Artists Open Studio (Tsingtao, China), May 23.

1997SOFA Gallery, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, Weihong: Retrospective,
1987-1997, October 20 - 24, Exh. Brochure, "Weihong Visits Sam", introduction by Lisa

1988National Art Gallery, Beijing, Weihong Art Works Exhibition, November. Exh. Brochure,
essay by Li Shao-Wen.


2016Shenzhen Fine Arts Institute, Shenzhen, China, The 9th International Ink Art Biennale of
Shenzhen, Ink Art Abroad
(curated by Chen Jun), March 16 - April 16. Exh. Cat.

2015G-Dot Art Space, Beijing, A record of Architectural Transformation, in part of The
Ninth Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival 2015 Theme Exhibition (curated by Peng Lele).
September 24 - October 8. Exh. Cat.

2014Songzhuang Fanzu Art Space, Beijing, China, 11 + 6 - Rheology, interactive art performance
(curated by Wang Yiqiong). June 13, 4:00 - 10:00 pm.

2013Yiyouzhai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, +1+1+1_A Visual Motion, Terrell James, Lu Yunhua,
Wei Hong,
September 7 - 11. Exh. Cat.

Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China, WE: 20 Years, September 28 - November 28. Exh. Cat.
(total pages 735), essay by Fang Lei and Li Xianting, p. 510.

2010Presented Art League Houston at JP Morgan Chase Building - Heritage Hall, Houston TX,
Manipulation, curated by Bethe Secor. May 6 - June 10.

2008Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China, Beyond Reminiscence, August 8 - September 20.
Exh. Cat. pp. 39 - 41

2006Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, Contemporary Art Houston (curated by Gus Kopriva,
Christopher Zhu), July 23 - August 6. Exh. Cat. essay by Christopher Zhu, "A record of
viewing art in Houston", pp. 101, 102, 216, 217, 235, 236, 259, 260.
Wang Kai, "Houston Contemporary Art Landed in Shanghai", China Art Weekly, (July 15), p. 5.
Liu Jingjing, "Houston in Two Seconds - in Retrospective of Houston Contemporary Art", Art World,
(September), pp. 64 - 69.
Alison De Lima Greene, "Houston / Shanghai", United Times (Shanghai), (August 4), p. 7.
Li Lei, "Contemporary Wind from Houston", Xing Ming Daily, (July 15), p. B15.

Marfa Studio of Arts, Marfa, Texas, Adaptation/Survival (curated by June Woest)
March 17 - May 31.
"Women artists show opens Friday at Marfa Studio", The Big Bend Sentinel, vol. 72,
no. 49 (March 16), p. 6.

2005J.P. Morgan Chase Building, Houston, Affinities (curated by Mari Omori), May 9 - June 2.

2004Lab Gallery, NYC, The Suitcase Series (curated by Jennifer Jankanskas), November 8–13.
Marisa White, “New York Report”, GlassTire (visual art on line) (November 2004).

Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China, Beyond Boundaries, January 16 - March 20.
Exh. Cat. "Beyond Boundaries", pp. 142 - 147, p. 243.

2003DiverseWorks, Houston, Zhang Huan, Zhang Jianjun, Weihong: In Houston, A Site-
Based Performance and Installation
, May 1 - June 14.
Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Zhang Huan, Zhang Jianjun, Weihong: Temporal Mood,
May 3 - 31.
Richard Vine, "Houston", Art in America (February 2004), no. 2, p. 130.
John Devine, "Yin and Yang, Three Chinese artists bring their separate word visions to Houston",
Houston Press, vol. 15, no. 22 (May 29-June 4), pp. 46, 47.
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Catherine D. Anspon, "Asian Ascendant", Paper City (March), sec. PC.
Rosemary Ponnekanti, "DiverseWorks/Barbara Davis Gallery", Arts Houston (June), p. 28.
Cathy Matusow, "Get Some Action", Houston Press, See/Be Seen (May 1-7), p.43

Wheeler Bros. Studios, Lubbock, Texas, Humid, April 12. Exh. Brochure.

Museo de Alexandre Humboldt, Havana, Cuba, Murallas (curated by Gus Kopriva),
November 1 - 29.

2002Redbud Gallery, Houston, Project Phoenix, January 12.

2001DiverseWorks, Houston, Positive Pain (curated by Loli Fernandez Andrade), April 6 - 28.

Community Artists' Collective, Freshmix (curated by Ayanna Mccloud), January.

Positive/Negative Space Gallery, Houston, Positively Negative- Photograms from
Houston Artists
(curated by Debbie Riddle), December.

2000O'Kane Gallery, University of Houston-Downtown, ArtWired International, A FotoFest
Exhibit juried by MANUAL, March 3 - April 8.

Blaffer Gallery, Houston, Houston Area Exhibition 2000 (juried by Mary L.Beebe, Jessica
Cusick, Joe Havel), June 2 - August 13. Exh. Brochure.

Lawndale Art Center, Houston, The Big Show (juried by Sara Kellner), July 15 - August 26.

1999Shanghe Gallery, Chengdu, China, Lucas Johnson, Virgil Grotfeldt, Weihong: Three Artists
from Texas USA
(curated by Zhou Chunya), November 16 - 19. Exh. Brochure.
China West City News, Tianfu, Morning Paper, Chengdu Evening News, China Youth Daily (Chengdu, China),
"Three Artists From Texas, USA - Lucas Johnson, Virgil Grotfeldt, Weihong" (November 17).

1998Brazos Bookstore, Houston, Bound: Books by Artists (curated by William Steen), January
29 - February 28.
Patricia C. Johnson, "Books without boundaries", Houston Chronicle, Zest (February 1). P. 13.
"Bound / Books by Artists", Houston Press, vol. 10, no. 6(February 5-11), p.26.

1997Takara Gallery, Houston, Bridges, Art of Asian-Born Women in America, April 3 - May 10.
"Weihong and six Asian artists opening", International Daily News (North east and South America), no.
4756 (March 31), sec. A, p. 18.
"Weihong", International Daily News (North east and South America), no. 4761 (April 5), sec. A, p. 17.
"Bridges, Art of Asian-Born Women in America", Southern Chinease Daily News (Houston), no. 4408
(March 31), p. 2.
"Weihong's Ink Art", World Journal (Texas), no. 7009 (March 29), sec. A, p. 16.

1996Visual Arts Alliance, Houston, Annual Membership Exhibition (Awarded 2nd place by
Clint Willour).

1995Beijing Art Fair, Beijing (curated by Weng Ling).

1993235 Salon, Guangzhou, China, Guo Huazhong, Sun Guojuan, Weihong: Three Artists
, October 23 - 29.

1992The First 1990's Biennial Art Fair, Guangzhou, China (Awarded Honorable Mention by
Jury Panel, October 23 - 28).
"The First 1990's Biennial Art Fair, Guangzhou, China, Oil Painting Section, Documentary Works",
Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House (Chengdu China), p. 127.

1989Confucius Temple, Beijing, Ten Artists Modern Ink Art Works.

1987Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Third Annual Photograph Exhibition.

1985National Art Museum, Beijing, Advancing Chinese Youth Fine Arts Exhibition.
Visual Arts High School Gallery, Beijing, Beijing Youth Art Work Exhibition.


2000Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Weihong: Chi, a vocal performance, in collaboration
with Easy Dancing Company, December 1, 7:00 - 7:40pm.

Joan Wich & Co. Gallery, Houston, Chung Fu (Conforming), in collaboration with
FrenetiCore (dance), music by Ross Irwin. December 2, 6:00 - 6:45pm.

1989Performance at Chinese History Museum, Beijing, Freedom, April. Central Academy
of Fine Arts, Beijing, Parade and Pride, Environmental Sculpture, April.


1997 - PresInstructor, School of Continuing Studies, Rice University, Houston.

1995 - 2000Instructor, Houston Art League School of Art.

1989 - 1992Faculty, Fine Arts Dept., South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.


2007The Menil Collection, Houston, TX, "Artist's Eye by Weihong", September 2, 3 - 4pm.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, "Work with artist Weihong", lecture and slides
presentation, September 8, 1 - 3pm.

2004Artist's Talk for the Looking at Art, Redbud Gallery, Houston, "Weihong: 255 - 0
+ GuZheng", May 19, 7pm.

2003Artist's Talk for the Looking at Art, DiverseWorks, Houston, "Weihong: 255 - 0
+ PingPong", A Site-Based Performance and Installation, May 20, 7:30pm.

2002Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, "Line and Calligraphy", lecture and demonstration,
February 5, 6:30 - 8:00pm.

2001Artist's Talk for the Looking at Art, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, "Weihong:
Golden Dragon Diary", A Site-Specific Interative Installation, September 24, 25, 7pm.

Rice Media Center, Rice University, Houston, "Dao - The Way of Chinese Painting",
slide lecture, 7:00 - 8:30pm.

1998University of Houston, "Weihong and her art life", slide lecture. 3pm. Artist's Talk
for the Looking at Art, Takara Gallery, Houston, "Weihong: New Paintings", February
10, 7pm.

1997Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, "Visiting Artist - Weihong", slide
lecture, October 20 at 1:00pm.

Artmisia Gallery, Chicago, assisting 2 Lectures for the "Between Ego and Society,
Exhibition of Contemporary Women Artists of China".

Slide lecture for the Women in the Visual and Literary Arts, Houston, "Weihong,
Artist and Writer", July 15, 6:15 to 7:30pm.

Guest speaker for the Visual Arts Alliance, Houston, slide lecture, April 5, 10am.


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art works illustrations.

1991"In Between the Concept of the Industry and the Art Practicing - Guangdong Fine
Arts Special Series", Painter, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House (Changsha, China),
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